July 13, 2011

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January 3, 2011

For someone who is, say, twenty years old right now and living in the United States, the backdrop to growing up has been 911, eight years of Bush disasters and wars capped off by a few years of a horrible economy and government dysfunction. Politics and the news have been beseiged by an intangible turmoil for a decade now, and it’s hard to ignore how this has affected the psyche of people growing up in this environment, even if those people are apathetic to these phenomenons. And really, If anything, these events have helped bolster the apathy of the youth for the world around them; this generation has a strong desire (which some may describe as a sense of entitlement) to skip all the bullshit and just be happy.

And this isn’t just about politics. As technology continues moving ahead at an unyielding pace, not everyone adapts to the change and embraces it. Globalization and the ever increasing complexity of the world around us can create a yearning to return to a simpler time. There is an anxiety about the current state of things, and this can help establish a feeling of nostalgia for the past, when times were perceived to be better.

And that yearning for the past and simplicity has pervaded the fashions of music. Everything popular now is lo-fi or rips offs of styles decades old. Many people want to write off the 2 year running chillwave fad as just a blip, but its really a telltale sign of what’s happening across all of music, the convergence of all of these trends. It’s the ultimate escapism into simplicity and nostalgia, and that is what 2010 in music has been all about.


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January 2, 2011
Indeed Indie | Favorite Albums of 2010

My favorite records from 2010. Check it out!

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December 25, 2010
Goldsoundz Holiday Special!



Photo by Maria Sotnikova

Radical Face - “Winter is Coming”
Banjo or Freakout - “White Christmas”
Boy Least Likely To - “The First Snowflake”
Julian Koster - “Let It Snow!”

Fredrik - “Vinterbarn”
The Very Most - “When Does the Goodwill Start?”
The Mynabirds - “All I Want is Truth (for Christmas)”
Parenthetical Girls - “Flowers For Albion”

The Elves Of Heaven - “This Christmas”
Okkervil River - “Calling And Not Calling My Ex”
Slow Club - “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)”
Dan Deacon - “Silver Bells”

Los Campesinos! - “Kindle A Flame In Her Heart”
The Canon Logic - “Kiss Me On Christmas”
Best Coast and Wavves - “Got Something for You”

Summer Camp - “Christmas Wrapping” (The Waitresses Cover)

Listen to the archive HERE!

Julian Koster’s lullaby caroling tour schedule with The Music Tapes can be found on the Merge Records website.

October 9, 2010

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists - “Biomusicology”

Had we never come across the vastness of pavement, the barrenness of waves, and the grayness of the sea;

Never lost or ne’er been misguided, we’d have ne’er reached seas so shining.

Or come around to the friendliest of faces, 
handsomest in ugly places;

Or come from out of the tunnels we dig in to see that tunneling’s not living, and working doesn’t work; 

Or come to find that loving is labor, labor’s life, and life’s forever;

Or come to see that keeping’s not giving.
You get what you’ve given, 
you get what you deserve;

In the midst of all of the action maybe only there found satisfaction.

All in all, we cannot stop singing; 
We cannot start sinking. 
We swim until it ends. 

September 30, 2010

Marnie Stern - “Risky Biz”

So. Good.

September 25, 2010

"Ambling Alp" - Yeasayer

Now the world can be an unfair place at times,
But your lows will have their complement of highs;
And if anyone should cheat you, take advantage of, or beat you,
Raise your head and wear your wounds with pride.

September 25, 2010


Weed + Foxes in Fiction: Teenage Dream (Katy Perry cover)

By now, I’m sure you’ve all heard about the super-wonderful Collaborations tape curated by our friends at Dead as Digital, The Road Goes Ever On, and Stadiums and Shrines. It’s the product of a lot of hard work between some pretty great artists (Teen Daze, Closed Cassette, Ghost Animal, to name a few) so go and grab yourself one if you haven’t already (its only $6!). Mike from D.A.D. was kind enough to shoot us a promo copy, which I’ve been slowly spacing out to while putting off an English paper.

Weed and Foxes in Fiction’s cover of “Teenage Dream” has quickly become a favorite, namely because a) it features two incredibly talented people and b) it’s a Katy Perry cover. Not only is it pretty faithful to the original (yes, I actually brought myself to listen to it) but hearing Anderson and Hildebrand deliver those lyrics with a straight face is something to behold. Excellent work all around, folks!

Weed + Foxes in Fiction- Teenage Dream (Katy Perry cover)